• About us:     Oxford Hash House Harriers are a sociable running club and we are part of international network of hashers.
  • What do we do:  We  follow a pre-laid trail over various terrains, out in the Oxfordshire country side.  The fun is in seeking out the true trail.
  • Who can hash:  Everybody is welcome!  If you can walk, jog or run and you enjoy being in good company, then come hashing.
  • When do we hash:  We run every Wednesday evening at 7.00 p.m.  Our hashes usually start from a convenient location in the Oxford area.
  • And it costs:  First three hashes free, then £2.00 per hash (while current restrictions on food and beer apply).

For email updates or if you need a lift to a hash, join our Google Group .  Alternatively email us or find us on Facebook and Twitter

Hashy Hi,

Welcome to Oxford Hash House Harriers.

Unfortunately hashing is suspended while we are in tier 4.

Keep an eye on here or on our Facebook page for the latest information.


Before attending any OH3 event, please familiarise yourself with our OH3 Covid-19 Guidance

Oxford H3 Hash Diary

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That’s all folks! Please see Cruella, to volunteer as Hare.

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