Welcome to Oxford Hash House Harriers

  • About us:     Oxford Hash House Harriers are a sociable running club and we are part of international network of hashers.
  • What do we do:  We  follow a pre-laid trail over various terrains, out in the Oxfordshire country side.  The fun is in seeking out the true trail.
  • Who can hash:  Everybody is welcome!  If you can walk, jog or run  and you enjoy being in good company, then come hashing.
  • When do we hash:  We run every Wednesday evening at 7.00 p.m.  within the Oxford area.    Our hashes usually start from a pub or occasionally a car park in the countryside.
  • And it costs:  First three hashes free, then £4.00 per hash.

For email updates or if you need a lift to a hash, join our Google Group .  Alternatively email us or find us on Facebook and Twitter

Hashy hi,

I had hoped that we would have a few more weeks grace to enjoy hashing but it seems the situation around corona virus has escalated.

The government has released a statement today asking for non essential travel and to minimise social contact.

Consequently, I’ve approached our mis-management team and importantly, this week’s hare, Dippy and after discussion, have reached a decision to postpone hashing for four weeks. There won’t be a hash this Wednesday (18/03/2020).

Naturally, in four weeks we’ll review according to the conditions at the time.

I realise this is disappointing but your well being is paramount.

Please keep in touch via our Google group and Facebook, to keep our hashy spirits up.

On, on to happier and healthier times.

Rectal Floss xx

Oxford H3 Hash Diary

Post Code
Map Link
Beer Master
Parking and other instructions
18/03/2020 19:00OX3 9DLThe White Hart, 12 St Andrew's Rd, HeadingtonDipstickhttps://goo.gl/maps/x1YLzyS3Whd46i5X7VYTBCHome Alone, Richard D'Turd, Dominatrix1122!!! 20th anniversary of Dipstick's first hash with Oxford !!!
25/03/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBCHome Alone, Richard D'Turd, Dominatrix1123
01/04/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVictoriaVYTBCGoldie and Victoria1124
08/04/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBCGoldie and Victoria1125
15/04/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCR. D'TurdVYTBCGoldie and Victoria1126
22/04/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCBollard NakedVYTBCGoldie and Victoria1127
29/04/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBCGoldie and Victoria1128
06/05/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCShit StixVYTBCDaglocks and Smiling Oyster1129
13/05/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCDingalingVYTBCDaglocks and Smiling Oyster1130
20/05/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBCDaglocks and Smiling Oyster1131
27/05/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCDaglocks and Smiling Oyster1132
03/06/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCCruellaVYTBCBollard Naked, Swing Low and Pussy Stroker1133
10/06/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBCBollard Naked, Swing Low and Pussy Stroker1134
17/06/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCGoldilocksVYTBCBollard Naked, Swing Low and Pussy Stroker1135
24/06/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBCBollard Naked, Swing Low and Pussy Stroker1136
01/07/2020 19:00VYTBCVYTBCVYTBCVYTBC1137
08/07/2020 19:00HP180SWThe Swan Inn, Grendon UnderwoodDaglocksSmiley Oyster1138

That’s all folks! Please see Dominatrix in the Pub, to book your run.

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