Covid-19 Update (24/09/2020)




Organised sports may continue as long as clubs have met the key requirements for a Covid Secure environment. We believe Oxford H3 have met them.

These are the key requirements :

  1. Covid-19 Officer is in place
  2. A venue/environment must develop a COVID action plan and risk assessment
  3. All activity must comply with Government guidance around social distancing before, during and after activity
  4. The Hares and designated Management Team members must record that all attendees are fit to take part and to their knowledge have not been in contact with anyone with the Covid virus, including participant contact details which can be shared upon request with the Government’s Test and Trace initiative
  5. The Event Leader(s) / Hare(s) and Management Team must ensure everyone at the session maintains good hygiene and that provisions are in place to allow for this.


Please read the following documents which have been emailed to all OH3 members.

OH3 Covid-19 Guidance


Risk Assessment

Hares Notes


Very briefly, there will be no Gather Round Pre-run Briefing and no Circle. 

By signing the register before the hash you confirm that you and all members of your household are well and have not been contacted by Government Track & Trace during the last 14 days.

You agree to notify the GM or Covid-19 Officer if you do become unwell after a hash. 

Tick is payable when you fill in the form at Registration unless you have paid in advance. Please also use the hand sanitiser at that time.

After that we do our run in groups of maximum 6 with staggered start times, much like we’ve been doing for the past few months. You can choose your group as long as it doesn’t exceed 6 people. You should be with a group of people with similar running ability so that you can stay together and we think that hashers themselves can judge that very well.

The hares will have a fairly difficult job because they will have to send groups of 6 off at suitably distanced times (4 minutes apart), sort out the walkers with instructions and maps. The Lead Hare will go with the first group to check on progress and assist as necessary. The Co-Hare will go off with the slowest group.
Please cooperate with them, get into groups and set off promptly when told to.

No Circle after the hash and the OH3 activity ends when you return to your cars. People may of course socialise in a small group afterwards, even go to a nearby pub with 5 friends, but there can’t be a Circle for a while.

This procedure will be in place until any changes to government rules re Covid-19 gatherings and then it will be reviewed.

Non-members must register for EACH run in advance by sending an email with contact details to the Covid-19 Officer –

Keep yourself and others healthy everyone. Go out and run……

On on

OH3 – Covid-19 Officer (


Any comments/questions to : Covid-19 Officer email address above.

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