The (mis)management team

The hash doesn’t have any leadership, but if we did, the people below might just about pass for having some basic level of organisational ability.


Current Mismanagement 2020 to 2021
Position Hasher Photo
Grand Master Daglocks
Deputy Grand Master Lockjaw  
Religious Advisor Richard D’Turd
Assistant Religious Advisor Turnpike
Hash Cash Pussy Stroker
Haberdash Rectal Floss
Hash Tick Home Alone
Hare Raiser Cruella
Maitre D’Whip Quasimojo
Media Mogul Thrifty Gaffer thrifty
Social Sexs Swing Low
Song Meisters Victoria
Hash Horn FBJ FBJ
Webmaster TwoPac
Hash Letch in perpetuity Shagger
Founder Daglocks  Daglocks

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